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Radiator Cleaner 300ml

Radiator Cleaner 300ml

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Deposits in the radiator/ heating system form a barrier to heat exchange, block thermostatic valves and regulator mechanisms. Temperatures which are too high cause the engine to run economically with a high risk of wear and damage. Radiator cleaner reliably removes these dangerous deposits and allows the engine to run at the optimum temperature and operational reliability.


  • Does not contain acids or alkali
  • Disperses sludge
  • Removes oil and grease residues
  • Chemical conversion of lime
  • Neutralizes acids
  • Neutral behavior in contact with rubber and plastics
  • Compatible with all types of antifreeze

Areas of application

Suitable for all cooling water systems in motor vehicles, buses and commercial vehicles.


Add contents to the cooling water. Run the heating system. Depending on the degree of contamination let the engine run approximately 10 to 30 minutes. Drain the cleaner and flush out the cooling system with water. Fill the cooling system according to the manufacturer's instructions. The content (300 ml) is sufficient for 2.6 gal (10 l) of water.

We recommend using this cleaner when incorrect coolant was introduced into the cooling system or as a preventive measure when performing a coolant flush. Ideal for older systems.

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